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Life can be fast paced. You may not be at the comfort of your home, or have the leisure of visiting your dentist. The Luna pen was designed specifically for those on the move. With one of the most advanced delivery systems, the best and the freshest gel, we make sure that you achieve a level of whitening without interruptions. Simply point and apply, leave the gel for an acceptable period of time, and achieve the level of whitening you desire.

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Whiten Your Teeth In 10 Minutes

Our whitening products are strengthened by our peroxide formula to deliver brighter teeth, without sensitivity.

How does it work

A simple 3-step whitening process

  • Step one

    Fit the mouth tray to the LED light

  • Step two

    Apply the gel to the mouth tray

  • Step three

    Place in the mouth, turn on, and whiten

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